Magellan ToughCase iPhone GPS case

GearFlogger reviews the Magellan ToughCase GPS case for iPhone

Apple's Jesus phone is ubiquitous these days, even in the backcountry. With built-in GPS – yes, the iPhone 4 has true GPS and not just cell tower triangulation, so you can use it out of cell range - although in typical Apple-speak you have to dig to figure this out. So how do you protect your (overpriced) investment from the inevitable bounces, splashes, drops, shocks and other tribulations of the trail?

Magellan's ToughCase is one answer, and it's definitely not a one-trick pony. The ToughCase (two words, no space, title case, aaaaggghhh!) starts with a rugged, waterproof case that is a hunka-hunka protective love: almost six inches tall, just over an inch and a quarter thick and three inches across. No additional software required.

The ToughCase has two tricks up its clamshell sleeve. First, a battery that will give an additional 80% charge to your Jesus phone. Second, a more accurate GPS chipset, reducing the circular error on the built-in set from (subjectively, I'm not a scientist dammit!) tens of meters to single digits. This kind of sensitivity might ironically be more useful in urban areas rather than in the bush, but we know those of you who just have to have all your decimals in the right places will appreciate it.

The ToughCase allows complete access to all iPhone controls and ports. The case also provides mounting options (a belt clip is included) and the device works with Magellan's RoadMate and other location-based apps. There is an external button and lights to tell you where the charge level is at, and another button allows you to toggle between battery and GPS or battery only. An internal power switch will conserve the charge for longer periods of non-use. Overall the combination of protection, extended battery life and increased GPS accuracy is a compelling combination, especially on sale!

$105.36 (on sale from $199.99) at Amazon


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