Made by True Biltong

Gearflogger reviews Made by True BiltongBiltong is dried and seasoned meat, usually beef and very similar to jerky, made southern African style: dried with vinegar in addition to salt, but never smoked.

Made by True has packaged three flavors of beef biltong for your trail needs. All start with air-dried U.S. beef. Cape Town Classic is the closest to traditional biltong, seasoned with just vinegar, salt, pepper and coriander. A Savory Adventure uses a touch of garlic and some herbs and spices, and Little Bit of Spice is just that, with chili powder and paprika adding a bit of zing.

All three are very thin-sliced, tasty and healthy with 16 grams of protein and zero sugar. Each package also includes a floss pick, which we didn't usually need but hey, to each their own. If we had to pick a favorite it would be Little Bit of Spice, just because we like the extra pow. The price isn't all that off from protein bars, and the taste is so much better. If you're looking for a tasty trail treat to power through the day, give Made by True biltong a try.

$6.99 at Made by True



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