Lowepro Nova Sport 7L AW camera bag

Gearflogger reviews the Lowepro Nova Sport 7L camera bag

Lowepro has been equipping photographers for every possible scenario since bicycles had square tires and it was uphill both ways. The Nova Sport 7L AW is a DSLR shoulder bag that fends off the elemental nasties with aplomb.

The cool thing about camera bags is how well thought out they invariably are. I guess it's a function of a profession that rewards anal retention attention to detail, both in the pursuit of the perfect shot and in the protection of the holy-crap-it-cost-how-much? gear. Lowepro gear is always state-of-the-art, and the Nova Sport 7L (also comes in bigger sizes) shows it all off.

The bag can be configured for anything. The shoulder strap comes off, the padded insert slips out, and inside that the lens protector can be moved around. The padded insert has its own cinchable collar and webbing handles for solo use – very cool – and also, we must note, insulates well should you need a bag to pull double-duty as a cooler/lunch bag. Seriously, even during a photo trip a day at the beach when you're parted voluntarily or by angry spouse from your equipment may sneak up on you.

The AW is for All Weather, and the Nova Sport 7L is pretty tough there too. Should you need more than casual weather protection, the built-in bag poncho slips out of a pocket on the back to up-armor your stuff. Speaking of pockets, there's a sleeve inside that will hold a small 7 inch or equivalent tablet – think Kindle sized or a tad larger. There's also a medium rip-and-stick front pocket with key leash, and a small zippered pocket on the top lid for small flat items. On each side is an elastic mesh pocket that will hold small water bottle sized items. Lowepro gear is always a pleasure to use, and the Nova Sport 7L just rocks as an on-the-go camera bag that can step in to more pedestrian duties as required.

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