Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

GearFlogger reviews Light My Fire Swedish FireKnifeEnabling two out of three behaviors in the homicidal triad, Light My Fire's Swedish FireKnife is a great value for a quality combination fire starter and knife.

The single-edge fillet style blade is made by Mora of 12C27 stainless steel, a sturdy and utilitarian design. It uses a modified Scandanavian grind, easily reestablished by hand sharpening, with a secondary bevel on the front third of the blade.

The firestarter is a Swedish FireSteel Scout, good for about 3,000 strikes, that twists off the base of the handle. You strike it by using the spine of the blade, which has a good right angle for that purpose. It works great with a little practice.

The grip is a nice nonslip rubberized coating, and the knife fits securely in the plastic case but still removes easily with a thumb-push. The lanyard and belt-clip provide attachment options, and the case itself has a drainhole at the tip. Overall the knife is designed very nicely for people who actually use their tools in the field. The icing on the cake is the price, a smokin' bargain for two tools in one.

$34.90 at Amazon


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