Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger poles

GearFlogger reviews the Leki Speed S Carbon poles

Vendors tweak basic gear designs all the time. On a rare good day that tweak rises to the top of the evolutionary pile as a clearly superior mutation, like Brangelina. Passing the fitness function with flying colors is the Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger pole.

This pole starts with a very nice 24oz carbon pole with excellent vibration dampening, fast swing response and none of the cold conduction of metal poles. The grip is great, the baskets perfect for packed snow, and the carbide tips have all the bite you need. So what's the big deal? The Trigger S strap system ROCKS!

The Trigger S is a tiny loop of cord that slips into a small channel on the grip and locks in place. The poles come with a strap system similiar to cross country straps that works with any glove or mitten. When skiing it's a breeze; just slide your hand onto the grip and *click* you're good to go. To release just press the button on the top of the grip with your thumb and you're out. It's really trick, and it's worth it just to see your friend's envious reaction as they're struggling into and out of their old school straps.

Despite abusing the Trigger system we had no problems with durability, no accidental releases, and overall just bombproof performance. A slightly less expensive option is the Leki RX Performer, which we also tested. The click-in system uses a plug instead of a loop, which works well but is not quite as slick as the Speeed S Carbon Trigger setup. Highly recommended.

$129.95 at REI




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