Leki Equipe S Xtrafit gloves

GearFlogger reviews the Leki Equipe S Xtrafit gloves

Leki has this thing going on with their Trigger S strap system, and it's a good thing. The perfect mate for their Speed S Carbon Trigger poles, the Equipe S is a stellar performer all the way around.

The Equipe has a sewn cord loop that clips into compatible poles like the Speed, and the system is truly awesome. Using the Equipe glove means you don't need a strap at all, just place the V between your thumb and forefinger over the pole and you're in like Flynn. It feels completely natural, and you'll forever curse normal straps after the experience.

The Equipe is a great glove even aside from the Trigger system. Constructed of waterproof breathable Gore-tex, the articulation is perfect, the insulation generous and the grip excellent. There is a molded knuckle guard for you slalom freaks that actually makes this a great snowboarding glove too (gasp!). The padding extends to the fingers and cuff even. A closure strap around the wrist keeps it all together. The Equipe S Xtrafit is a whole lotta love for a glove.

$179.95 at Leki


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