Leatherman Style CS multitool

GearFlogger reviews the Leatherman Style CS multitoolWe absolutely love the Leatherman Skeletool, so we were stoked to hear about a mini-Skeletool. Along comes the Style CS, and imagine our disappointment. We were expecting a tool that could complement the Skeletool with scissors and such, but what we got was a purse tool. In fairness, it's listed on the Leatherman site as a keychain tool, but dammit, it looks like a Skeletool! My brain asplode!

So here's the thing: the tiny 3-inch long Leatherman Style CS is a keychain multitool, and for around-town use it works just fine, although why you would want a terminator-styled keychain tool for townie use is beyond us. A Swiss Army knife style would take up less space., and Leatherman does have other offerings that do a better job.

The spring-loaded scissors work great, the inch-and-a-half knife is fine for small cutting, the nail file is very skinny and barely adequate and the tweezers are almost useless: way too flexible. The bottle opener is just big enough to work if you pay attention, and the screwdriver is a tapered flat head that will work in most Phillips slots as well. Just don't expect it to crank with any power, it's just too small. The carabiner clip will not fit around a full-size or even some compact biners or webbing, although it will work on cord and those skinny keychain biners. So… an adequate keychain design, if you really want the scissors it works well, but don't be fooled by the industrial design: it's not a Skeletool.

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