Kinivo Premium Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Gearflogger reviews the Kinivo headphones

So normally we're a little suspicious of products that feel the need to put "premium" in their name, but we're going to give a pass to these nifty little headphones from Kinivo. The BTH260 Premium Bluetooth Sport Headphones, hereafter to be known as Kinivos, are a great solution should, say, a major smartphone manufacturer pull a dick move innovate by removing the headphone jack from their device (cough iphone 7 cough).

The Kinivos are reasonably price, especially compared to Apple's wireless AirPods at $149 FREAKING BUCKS! AAAAGH STOP ME I"M H8N! But anyway the Kinivos. They come folded up in a nice hard case with micro USB charging cable included, they charge relatively quickly (a couple hours in our test), pair seamlessly and the 25 hour run time seems accurate. Bluetooth range seems plenty good enough, and they are appropriately easy to clean off since they're intended to be used for exercise.

The product description on Amazon and on the manufacturer's website says they are IPX7 compliant, which would mean immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes. This rating was missing from the packaging and instructions so we didn't feel comfortable testing it, but you go right ahead. The point is that they're essentially sweatproof and that we believe.

The Kinivos have the expected assortment of buttons to play, skip tracks forward and back, and adjust volume, as well as to pair via bluetooth and accept/reject phone calls (press the play button). Testing the call capability, the quality was fine. The main purpose of headphones is to reproduce music, and here we found the Kinivos pleasant enough. We'd like a bit more volume and bass, but overall the sound was pretty decent for the price point. If you're looking for an alternative to typical Apple price extortion, definitely check out Kinivo.

$44.99 at Amazon


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