Kijaro Kubie Multi-Use Blanket

Gearflogger reviews the Kijaro Kubie multi-use blanket

We know what you're thinking: what in tarnation is a multi-use blanket? Well simmer down now, we're about to tell you, using the Kijaro Kubie as an example.

The Kubie says it will function as an insulated poncho, ground cover, sleeping bag, pillow, hammock, hammock liner, under quilt, and shade canopy. Now it is true that it will do all these things, and probably some others that aren't mentioned, but just be aware that this is the typical Swiss Army Knife approach to gear: it does all these things, some of them well, but none as well as a dedicated piece of gear for any individual application. If you understand this, you and the Kubie will get along just fine.

The Kubie is big, at 67 inches by 87 inches. It's stoutly built, appropriate given the myriad uses it's designed for, and in hammock mode can support 250 pounds. And it has a hood, for poncho use, and tie-down loops for hammock and ground cloth applications. Basically with some carabiners and rope you can pretty much configure the Kubie any way you want, but make no mistake: it's going to take some time and ingenuity.

At the end of the day our assessment is that the Kubie is a great car blanket. It's heavy and bulky, but you can throw it down anywhere for a picnic, or wrap it around one or two people at the campfire, and you'll appreciate the warmth and coverage. It also stores nicely with a bit of wrangling into the included storage bag. If you then need to reconfigure as a sleeping bag by zipping it up well that's just a bonus round. Given the price point and versatility, if you're looking for one blanket to rule them all, the Kubie might be your ticket.

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