Kelty Binto Bar camp kitchen

BintobarGeorge Carlin jokes about a place for your stuff. He must work at Kelty. Kelty makes stuff to hold stuff, cover stuff and carry stuff. They make a lot of stuff including a really nice Basecamp series of stuff to organize your stuff. OK, I’ll stuff it.

If you’re feeding larger groups of climbers or other poo-slinging primates you know how much space all that food and cookware takes up. Enter the Binto Bar: it stores, organizes and transports large quantities of kitchen items with ease. The basic format is elegantly simple: a fabric box with a skeleton frame holds three zip-top 16/8.5/14.5″ HWD Binto bags, which come in basic, padded and insulated cooler varieties.

The front zips open and folds down to reveal a large mesh storage pouch and the three Bintos slide out smoothly like drawers by pulling on their side handles. The velcroed top and side panels flip up and out to form an effective windscreen protecting a work surface with a stiff plastic top. There are three zippered pouches on the inside of the top panel for utensils etc. This is a lot of clever storage in a small space, and you can move it around easily by grabbing the side handles or using the shoulder strap. It even folds flat for storage, and the side daisy chains let you secure it for transport. I’ve seen other attempts at camp kitchens that create more problems than they solve, but Kelty’s Binto Bar is a standout for its simplicity and utility.

$119.95 at Backcountry


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