K2 Shuksan alpine touring ski

Shuksan Used to be that a rando ski was just some old boards with 'biner holes drilled in the tip. Oh what a difference a zillion years of evolution makes. K2 has updated their standout do-everything AT ski, the Shuksan, with a new tip that improves both edge hold and turn initiation.

Designed in collaboration with Martin Volkel, certified Swiss mountain guide and author of Backcountry Skiing, the Shuksan is a wood-cored metal-laminate brick house: 119-78-105 tip to tail, with a 16mm sidecut. It's supposed to be your one-stop backcountry shop, and it delivers with predictable personality: light yet solid, easy short to medium radius turns, good edge hold and beautiful touring performance.

True to its 50/50 design the Shuksan performs equally well on hardpack and in the pow. We even used it for area skiing and it works well enough that if you want to keep only one rig for front and backcountry this'll do ya. The only compromise is that the light weight makes it a little more difficult to drive uphill through the mank, but overall the Shuksan makes all the right tradeoffs and is a reliable and capable bring-it-all-on backcountry partner.

$329.93 (on sale from $479.95) at REI



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