Java Juice Pure Coffee Extract

Javajuice We first reviewed the original "Adventure Travel Coffee" two years ago, and it's just gotten better. There's nothing quite like a pounding, blinding, please-god-kill-me-now caffeine withdrawal headache at altitude, brought on by the weak-ass instant coffee you packed because you didn't want to deal with the royal pain of pressing the good stuff.

No more, I say. Java Juice is a liquid coffee extract made from fair-trade, shade-grown, 100% organic kosher Arabica beans, probably packed by little lawful good hobbits with velvet gloves. The individual single serving packages are nitrogen flushed so they can go to altitude safely, and they have a PSI rating of 190lbs, so they won't break in your pack. It's true, I tried to crush one with my ginormous posterior and it successfully resisted.

The new flavors are just the right intensity, not too overpowering: you've got a choice between hazelnut, french vanilla and original. Oh yeah, and decaf, purpose unknown. The taste is great, as close to fresh-brewed as you're going to get. Preparation is simple: just add hot, but not boiling, water. No fuss, no muss, and best of all: 100mg of caffeine straight to your brain.

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