Inov-8 Roclite 305 GTX Trail Runner

Gearflogger reviews the Inov8 Roclite 305 GTX trail running shoe

A good waterproof trail runner is pretty much the foundation of any quiver of outdoor shoes. And if you can't afford or don't want a quiver, but instead are looking for the one shoe to rule them all, you're probably still looking at a waterproof trail runner.

At this point you owe it to yourself to look at inov-8's Roclite 305 GTX shoe. The Roclite is equally at home trail running, fastpacking, or even serving as an approach shoe. The armored toe box protects your delicate piggies from unnecessary trauma, and the aggressive sole bites so well we had to force it to slip on a muddy trail uphill from a waterfall.

The laces are great, tie once and forget, and the Gore-Tex waterproofing works as well as you'd expect, which is to say pretty damn well. The Roclite is a goldilocks shoe of sorts: it's midsole is thick enought to provide plenty of cushion, but not so tall as to compromise stability, and the 8mm drop is right in the sweet spot. The sole is built for mud but feels just fine on hardpack. And praise be to the shoe gods there is one color choice that is subdued enough for casual wear.

After a month of living in the Roclite it's hard to find any fault at all. The only caveat is that they fit almost half a size small, but even there we've come to appreciate the precise feel of a close fitting shoe. That said, if you're on the cusp of two sizes definitely go with the larger. The Roclite 305 GTX is as good as it gets.

$83.83 (on sale from $140.00) at REI



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