GSI Deluxe 11-piece kitchen set

Gsi_3My idea of cooking involves boiling water and pouring it into a foil pouch. Believe it or not there are people who go beyond these heroic measures to prepare – wait for it – actual meals!

For those people there is GSI Outdoors, makers of all things gastro-outdoorsy including kitchen sets like this 11-piece setup in a hard case. They also make the must-have Lexan wine glass.

First the good news: the telescoping ladle and spatula are ingeniously designed and ideal for soups, pancakes and the like. They weigh basically nothing and pack small. Other useful items include a double-ended salt/pepper shaker, small whisk and grater, and cutting and cleaning items.

The bad news is the case itself weighs 1lb 2oz of the 1lb 12oz total weight, and you really don’t need it. But wait! GSI is an American company, and that means consumer choice: you can buy the 11-piece set without the case, and it’s even less expensive although you might have to look around for it.

$24.00 at REI




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