Goal Zero Nomad 7M Solar Panel

GearFlogger reviews the Goal Zero Nomad 7M solar panel

OK, this is cool: a 7-watt solar panel that weighs less than a pound (14.2oz plus another ounce for the 12V cigarette adapter), is only 6.5×9 inches and an inch thick, and charges via USB and 12V? Sold.

Goal Zero seemingly has come out of nowhere – and by nowhere we mean we were obviously not paying enough attention – and by not paying attention we mean probably drunk busy beer testing – with a full line of power products that are eminently expedition worthy.

The Nomad 7M solar panel folds in thirds and is covered in a tough nylon fabric. There is an internal pocket big enough for an average charger, and a bunch of small carabiner-sized cord loops so you can secure it to a backpack, tent, yak or whatever. Phones, MP3 players and the like charge in about two hours, true to spec. The price point is oh-so-reasonable and icing on the cake for this stellar panel.

Nomad 7M Solar Panel $79.95 at Amazon


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