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GearFlogger reviews Glacier Mountaineering book by Andy Tyson and Mike ClellandWe're a big fan of books by Andy and Mike, so we were excited to see a "revised" edition of Glacier Mountaineering: An Illustrated Guide to Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue out this year. The original was published in 2000, and we figured a 2009 edition would have new and expanded material.

The bad news is there's nothing new except the cover, presumably to reflect its publication by Falcon Guides instead of original publisher Climbing Magazine. The good news is, it's still a highly readable and relevant title on the most important subject in the history of FloggerKind: 140 pages divided into ten chapters on technique and equipment to keep us knuckle-dragging climbers from the early extinction we would otherwise almost certainly be facing. Well worth inclusion in the seminal list at GearFlogger's Backcountry Bookshelf.

What sets Andy and Mike books apart are the unpretentious, fun writing style that is paired with cartoon-style illustrations of amazing clarity and detail. Better than any photographs, the illustrations invite and repay careful study, often communicating subtle tricks of the trade. See how to escape a belay for an example. In the book the final illustration on page 140 that shows a glacier traveller fully rigged with thirty callouts packed with good advice.  Picking up this along with their Backcountry Ski Book - some overlap, but hey, they're cheap! – and you are good to go.

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