GCI Outdoors Sunshade Eazy Chair

Gearflogger reviews the GCI Outdoors Sunshade Eazy Chair

I don't care who you are or how much yoga you do, at some point you will not want to sit in the dirt anymore. When that time comes, you will be faced with a bewildering array of outdoor seating choices, from balanced chairs to stools to rockers to inflatable couches. Many of these have their niche use, but for just sitting out in the sun it's hard to beat the GCI Outdoors Eazy chair.

The Eazy – OK, I admit I had to get over the spelling too – lives up to its name. Take it out of the bag, spread the arms apart and everything just pops into place. The shade on top requires that you press down two small tabs, one on each side, which takes less time than reading this sentence.

The chair weighs in at a stout 11 and 3/4 pounds, mostly due to the powder-coated steel frame. There's a mesh back, plastic armrests, a UPF 50 shade, and a cupholder on the right. The bag has a clever wide-mouth opening to make putting the chair in easier. About the only thing missing is perhaps a storage pouch on the other side. But we're not complaining, because the chair is absolutely comfortable as all get-out. Although the weight limits the Eazy chair to car-camping duty, it also shines for backyard and soccer-parent use thanks to the shade.

The shade adjusts in clicks front to back, so you can always find the angle that works for you. Bonus: it will also block light precipitation. If you're looking for a reasonably-priced, versatile and super-comfy alternative to $100-plus lightweight backpacking chairs, definitely take a trip down Eazy street.

$49.99 at Dick's



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