Fozzils Solo Pack cup+dish+bowl+spoon

GearFlogger reviews the Fozzils Solo Pack Origami is hot these days, apparently. Not bad for an art that saw it's first official how-to manual published in the 18th century. Fozzils takes an old technique in new directions with a cup, dish, bowl and spoon set for backcountry chow-downs.

The Solo Pack has all four pieces folded flat in an ingenious design that uses little snaps to form useful 3-D shapes. None of the pieces weighs more than 1.5oz so they definitely qualify as fast and light. Even in the package the whole enchilada is only 6.5oz. They also clean up easily after returning them to their flatness.

The material is also tough, BPA free and repels stains and odors easily. The spoon is sturdy, although you won't go digging out cold peanut butter with it. The bowls are a nice assortment of sizes, and any will make a nice water dish for pets. Kids will love the simple assembly process, too. Great for when you have too many mouths to feed out of the pot and need an extra set of dishes.

$17.95 at REI


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