FoodSaver GameSaver Wingman

Gearflogger reviews the Foodsaver Gamesaver Wingman

Going fishing? Think ahead to how you're going to preserve all that tasty protein you're about to harvest. There's no better solution than the proven FoodSaver line of vacuum sealers.

The new GameSaver Wingman is a compact 9x16x4 inch unit that lets you vacuum seal 60 consecutive bags from the included ten feet of 11" wide roll: just unroll a length of bag sufficient for what you want, zip the cutter across it, seal one end, put your food in and seal the other end. It's pretty simple. After about 60 bags the unit needs to take a breather to cool down for 15-20 minutes, then it's good to go again.

The Wingman also includes three 1qt and two 1gal bags, ready for sealing. Since you're only sealing one or two edges, what you can vacuum seal (and thereby waterproof) is limited only by your imagination. Maps, firestarters and electronics are all options. The power cord stores neatly underneath the unit, and there's a drip tray to contain any messy fluids. You can always freeze and/or wrap your food first for a truly no-mess operation.

If you're the type who carefully prepares your own meals for backpacking, or even you're just trying to keep leftovers fresh, the GameSaver Wingman is here to help.

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