Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Gearflogger reviews the Fiskars X27 splitting axe

In some places (hello Alaska! Woot woot!) winter ain't coming, it's here. That means the usual litany of preparation, including splitting firewood, a privilege with the added benefit of the possibility of self-inflicted grievous bodily harm.

To make it safe get a well-designed splitting axe like the Fiskars X27. Available in four lengths from 17 inch hatchet to the most efficient and effective 36 incher – seriously, go big or go home – the X27 makes short shrift of that cord of hardwood that's been staring you down all summer.

Take off the included handy blade guard with built-in handle and heft the X27 to feel the quality. The hardened forged-steel head has most of the weight while the synthetic handle absorbs vibration better for more comfort during extended wood splitting sessions. It's also tougher than nails; it's really hard to even chip the X27, despite taking quite a few strikes to work out the kinks in our technique.

The X27 has a "low friction head" whatever that entails, but we can report it doesn't stick much at all. That makes a big difference over the course of hundreds of swings on a winter morn. Really, the X27 is all you could possibly want in a splitting axe, complete with lifetime warranty.

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