Fenix CL25R Lantern

Gearflogger reviews the Fenix CL25R lanternYou'd think something as simple as a lantern would be pretty much a one-trick pony. In this case, you'd be oh so wrong. The Fenix CL25R deserves a much cooler name, like the Photon Torpedo or something like that, to match all its cool features, but we'll work with what we've got. 

The CL25R is an IPX-6 water resistant LED lantern, compact in size at 2×4 inches and weighing just over six ounces with the included rechargeable battery installed. They even include a micro USB cable for charging, and depending on which supplier it comes from it may include a car and wall charger as well, or you can always use a pair of CR123A batteries instead if you need to.

The lantern has a nice heft to it, and the the built in wire hanging loop folds down flush into the top. Hold the power button down for a sec and it comes on to the last used brightness setting. There are four whites (0.8, 50, 200 and 350 lumens) and one 1.5 lumen red level. The red can be enabled by a double-click on the power button, and once there a single click switches between solid and flashing. Run time varies from two hours at max brightness to hundreds of hours at low. We found that we used the low level the most, as it provided adequate illumination for most nighttime tasks around camp, and even over long weekends of use we never tapped it out.

On the base, the battery compartment cover is a stout piece of metal that also functions as a magnet, useful for suspending the lantern from tent poles, the underside of car hoods, or anything else metallic. It also-also accepts a tripod mount, and they also-also-also throw in an extra rubber o-ring gasket for it. That's just thoughtful engineering from a company that clearly takes pride in their product, enough so that they offer a 24 month free repair on the CL25R. And now for the coup d'etat: the instruction booklet is laid out so you can cut out only the language you need. Hallelujah! Seriously, the CL25R is beautifully designed and extremely useful, what more can we ask for?

$78.00 at Fenix Lighting



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