Etymotic hf2 headset + earphones

Hf2In the industry battle for your earwax, Etymotic launches a new offensive with its hf2 headset that combines a hands-free microphone with noise-isolating earbuds for your listening and speaking pleasure.

Whether you’re looking to fill your expedition downtime with some tunes or just trying to dull the painful tedium of aerobic exercise, it’s great to have a high-quality headset around. The hf2 definitely fits the high quality part: they have the same response accuracy as the higher-end ER-4 model, which is very good indeed with wonderfully authentic representation across the full spectrum.

Noise blocking is very good, as is the microphone quality, making the hf2 a hard-to-beat combo unit for listening to music and making/taking calls on your wireless phone. A music/call button handles the transition seamlessly. The unit comes with multiple eartips for different sized ears as well as replacement filters and a filter cleaning tool, all in a compact zippered pouch that takes negligible weight and space. The 4ft cord gives you options for putting your phone/digital music player in your pack, and a sliding keeper lets you snug up the fit to your liking. All in all, a rare combination of full feature set and exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

$179.00 with free shipping at Amazon


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