Essential Knots and Basic Navigation by NASAR

Gearflogger reviews Essential Knots and Basic Navigation by NASAR

The National Association for Search and Rescue has a vested interest in you not being an idiot whilst frolicking amidst glen and glade. And also on rocks, in water and on the snow. To help you help them not have to help you, they have a number of pocket-sized guides to basic outdoor skills.

Essential Knots and Basic Navigation are two brochure-style publications that are easily portable for folks who may need a little reminder about the fundamentals. These would be perfect for students in an outdoors study class, for example. They are clearly printed on durable waterproof stock to withstand frequent consultation in the field, and easily fit in a pocket so they are always there when you need them.

EK starts with some basic terminology and contains illustrations of the following hitches, loops and knots: clove, girth, Munter, Prusik, Klemheist, Purcell Prusik, trucker's, Munter mule, super Munter, Radium release, overhand, overhand loop, water/ring, double overhand/fisherman's, stopper, double fisherman's/grapevine, bowline, bowline with Yosemite finish, bowline on a bight, alpine butterfly, figure 8, figure 8 follow-through, double figure 8 on a bight, inline 8, figure 8 on a bight, double loop inline figure 8, and reef/square. There are also some basic anchors, body harness and litter lashing. All in all a pretty good selection for a literal pocket guide.

BN deals with a more comprehensive subject and still manages to be quite useful. Compass basics, reading a map, basic symbology, and grids lead to basic navigation techniques like azimuths, triangulation and measuring distance. None of this substitutes for getting out in the field and practicing, but having this little document with you will provide helpful reminders should you need them. With both publications NASAR did a good job getting some complicated topics down to brochure format. For those time you can't carry the whole book, be sure to check these out.

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Basic Navigation $9.93 at Amazon



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