EcoFlow RIVER 600 Portable Power Station

Gearflogger reviews the EcoFlow RIVER 600 portable power stationI need more power, Scotty! And with the EcoFlow RIVER 600 you can have it, you narcissistic horndog Captain you! With a 288 watt-hour capacity and a boost mode that supports up to 1800 watts, you're sure to find something in your life that needs to go off-grid with you. Need more power? You can buy an extra battery that attaches to the bottom of the unit (not tested, also sold as the R600 Max) that doubles capacity. 

We want to mention up front that what sets EcoFlow apart from the crowd is how user-friendly their devices are. The R600 is a perfect example, as out of the box you can see the streamlined design, an 11 pound brick roughly the size of a car battery, with a prominent large carry handle on top. Once you've installed the app, you can monitor the charge status remotely, whether it's from your couch or the office. Charge the R600 from the wall (look ma, no brick! Thanks inverter!), from optional solar panels (MC4 to XT60 harness included) or with the included car cigarette lighter adapter. The fast charge gets the R600 to 80 percent in just an hour, with the last 20 percent taking another 40 minutes or so. You can even enable quiet charging Likewise when you're running the R600 you can monitor the discharge status. The 288Wh capacity means you can power the typical laptop at 50W for almost six hours, and a tablet or phone at 10W for 29 hours. With a little care for power saving features you'll be able to extend those times considerably. You can even run appliances and tools, albeit for much shorter periods, using the 1800W boost mode.

The R600 holds a charge too; we've used older EcoFlow power stations that were at 88 percent charge after many months of storage. And ports. You want ports? How about a 100W USB-C for starters, plus three normal USB (one fast charge). A cigarette lighter adapter port, three AC ports and even two DC 5521 ports – not sure what those last are for, but a cable is included should you ever need it. Oh yeah, there's also a flashlight because why not? Turn it on from the app for fun.

So it's sexy, easy to live with, works hard, has an actually useful app and can grow with your needs via solar and extra batteries. But what if we want just a little bit more? Well, the R600 has one final trick up its sleeve: you can run it as a basic uninterruptible power supply or UPS by connecting the R600 to a wall and a device to the R600. It doesn't support 0ms switching, so it's not for mission critical use, but it will switch <30ms which is fine for keeping your personal computer going through a power outage. So bottom line, the EcoFlow River 600 dominates the middle space between personal and industrial portable power supplies. Add it to your want/need list ASAP.

$349.00 at EcoFlow


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