DNX Grass Fed Protein Bars

Gearflogger reviews DNX Grass Fed Protein BarsGrass fed versus grain fed beef is a complicated subject, along with just about any topic related to the food chain, as even a cursory reading of The Omnivore's Dilemma makes abundantly clear. One thing that's not murky at all is that meat is a very good source of nutrients both macro and micro. And if you're going to eat meat, you want the cleanest ingredients possible. DNX gives you what you want, and it's a great alternative to those chemical-packed protein bars that are sold in every supermarket checkout aisle these days.

DNX makes grass fed protein bars from beef, chicken and bison. They vary the flavoring and spiciness, but in general if you like pepperoni sticks and the like you'll love DNX bars. We tried the variety pack, and the only one we didn't like was the Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut flavor; there was just a little too much going on there.

We'd rate the two sweet potato flavors as good, and in the great category we'd put the Peri Peri, Mexican and Jamaican style bars with their extra chile kick. Obviously tastes will vary, but if you're craving a clean source of protein for a quick pick-me-up, definitely mix up your bar selection with DNX. Get 20 percent off your first order using the code on their website.

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