DaKine High Roller snowboard bag

HighrollerDaKine put some serious thought into their top-of-the-line snowboard bag. The High Roller is a padded and wheeled bag designed for shredders who have to board airplanes before they get to board the good stuff.

The High Roller is nicely laid out: the two exterior boot pockets on the ends and the smaller pocket in the middle are arranged around some dead space that are angled just right to accept bindings on a mounted board. You can snug a bare spare in a separate padded area under the main compartment, and there’s an interior pocket for your tools and other paraphernalia.

The bag rolls well, has good handling options on the top and both ends and it’s burley enough to take some serious abuse. Available in two sizes, 165cm and 180cm, the longer length will accept shorter backcountry skis and poles as well. The price is definitely right, more so when you consider the total investment you’re protecting inside.

$159.00 at REI



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