Cricket 5-Minute Firestarter

Gearflogger reviews the Cricket 5-Minute FirestarterI love me a good firestarter, and while there are more ways to start a fire than to skin the proverbial cat, convenience is always appreciated. Cricket's 5-Minute Firestarter is a great little solution to light it and forget it.

5-Minute Firestarter is packaged in medium-sized package, about 1x2x5 inches, and contains 20 individual firestarters that look like jumbo matches. Just build your fuel pile like normal, break one of the matches off, strike it on the strip on the side of the box, and light 'er up.

The matches are very stable, wood-based with perchlorate, and they don't seem to want to strike on anything but the included strip so don't think you're going to use a zipper or rock. Each match burns for about five minutes and is hot enough to start small, dry kindling on its own, although it's always a good idea to be conservative and use something like dryer lint, shredded paper or the like underneath the kindling.

Keep the box in a ziplock baggie and you'll always have a reliable source of fire. For us minimalist types, cut out the striking strip and keep it with four of the matches in a ziplock and it will disappear into your survival pouch. An ounce of prevention and you're good to go.

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