Cotton Carrier G3 Camera Harness

Gearflogger reviews the Cotton Carrier G3 camera harness system

Here at Gearflogger we're a sucker for vest style carriers of all kinds. Any kinds. For anything. Well, OK, maybe not this. Or this. But maybe this. One we'd wear for absolutely sure is the Cotton Carrier G3 camera harness.

We know two things – two! – about cameras. (a) they're hideously expensive so you don't want to drop them and (ii) the bigger they come they harder they are to carry. The Cotton Carrier G3 solves both problems with a vest that distributes the weight over your shoulders. Even the heaviest camera carries easily in this configuration, and the padding behind the chest mount will protect the boniest of builds.

The lightweight G3 makes carrying and protecting your expensive gear much easier, but the designers didn't stop there. An adjustable strap goes over the camera lens to limit bouncing, and a small pouch contains a rain cover that can be easily slipped over the camera. There's a small credit-card sized pocket on the front, a phone-sized pocket behind the chest mount next to your body, and a bigger mesh pocket in back for a water bottle, rain shell, etc.

Need a second camera on you? You're a glutton for punishment, but you won't get it when you use the Wanderer side holster. It attaches to the side of the G3 using an inch-and-a-half belt loop, or you can attach it to a standard backpack hip belt up to 5.5 inches with the rip-and-stick release tab. It's very clever and the molded pad lets it ride comfortably on your hip.

The camera attachment points use a Twist and Lock mount: just attach the disc to your camera body, slide it into the mounting point and twist it 90 degrees. Done and done, it's not going anywhere. Twist to unlock, get the shot and don't even worry about dropping your precious: there are two lanyards that attach from d-rings on the harness to split rings on the camera discs. There are even optional attachment methods for binoculars and other gear. The whole system carries nicely, works for multiple rigs, and effectively secures your pricey gear. If it prevents just one dropped lens you've made your money back. Available in classy charcoal and blend-in camo.

$159.00 at Cotton Carrier



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