Costa Caleta Sunglasses

Gearflogger reviews the Costa Caleta sunglassesYou can't go wrong with Costa optics, and the Caleta is a head turner with a little something different. The frames, available in black or plum, are a flat finish instead of glossy coated. It makes for a distinctive look, so be prepared to answer questions like, "where did you get those sunglasses?" a lot…

One important thing you need to know up front, especially if you're buying these sight unseen, the Caleta is billed as fitting regular size faces – no problem there – but the frame size is shown as small. This is def not the case, the Caleta is both taller and wider for example than our favorite men's shades, the Costa Spearo, which are billed as having the same regular frame fit but a medium frame size.

Once you've got that piece of information, you're ready to rock the Caleta. The polarized 580G gray Lightwave lenses protect their polarized and mirror layers by sandwiching them between glass on either side, then protecting the glass with a C-Wall molecular bond treatment. No worries about the mirror scratching off for you! And bonus feature, the Caleta is Rx-compatible if you want to step it up with prescription lenses.

Costa knows glass, and they also know they need to lead the way in making products that protect the resources we love. The Caleta frames are made from 97% recycled fishing nets, so you can feel as good as you look wearing them. One last pro tip: pick up some keeper leashes for when you're on the water. We watched the Sheflogger lose a pair of her favorite pre-Caleta shades off a dock on a Caribbean island, when a storm-driven wind tossed them into the ocean never to be seen again. Luckily the Caletas have a plan for that, in the form of leash eyelets at the end of the arms – so protect your investment!

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