Contigo Matterhorn Vacuum Bottle

Gearflogger reviews the Contigo Matterhorn vacuum bottle

Everybody loves Contigo vacuum bottles, and now we understand why. They do exactly what they're supposed to do, they do it stylishly and well, and they don't break the bank unlike some of those ridiculously priced vacuum insulated products out there. Abominable snowman, we're looking at you!

The Contigo THERMALOCK Matterhorn comes in 20 and 32oz capacities, with lots of cool colors to choose from. The powder coating is very high quality and adds to the gripability. Yes, that's a word. [Ed: No, it's not.] Well, Ed -if that's even your real name – it should be.

The Matterhorn keeps cold cold and hot hot, for a claimed 36 and 14 hours respectively. We ran out of patience and drank the contents before the timer expired, so we can't verify the extreme end of that time frame but given the temperature of the contents after an overnight stay we have no problem believing the specs.

Aside from maintaining temperature, the only other thing we ask of a vacuum bottle is that it NOT SPILL! This is critical, especially if said bottle is sharing your sleeping bag on a multi-night outing. We're happy to report that our Contigo was tighter than a Russian businessman's lips after meeting with a Trump campaign official.

The loop securing the cap is bomber, fear not to lash the Matterhorn to your pack with a biner. As a bonus, you can even remove the white BPA-free plastic spout for easier cleaning. The mouth is the perfect size for drinking, and just big enough for putting ice cubes in. Overall the Contigo Matterhorn is the Goldilocks of vacuum bottles, just right in every way.

$19.99 for the 32oz at Amazon
$13.28 for the 20oz at Amazon




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