Common Soles Cocos sandals

GearFlogger reviews Common Soles Cocos sandals Common Soles continues their quest to do good by doing business. Their products are not just stylish, functional and affordable: they also help make the world a better place.

The new Cocos sandals for women are difficult to review, for the simple fact that the SheFlogger has been wearing them every day and the look she gives me when I try to take them off her feet long enough to review can kill a rooster at twenty paces. Suffice it to say the Cocos are eye-catching and, for a flip-flop with no arch support, surprisingly comfy for walking.

The Cocos are named for the coconut shells that provide the material for the straps. The footbed is a woven jute fabric, similar to hemp, that is also known as hessian cloth in Europe and burlap in the Americas. It's a sustainable crop that uses little or no pesticides and is produced in Bangladesh and India. The clincher is that for each pair sold the company buys a school book for a child of a worker in the factory in India where the sandals are made. Nuff said.

$25.00 at Common Soles


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