Columbia women’s Bugatrek Omni-Heat boot

GearFlogger reviews the Columbia women's Bugatrek Omni-Heat boot

The Columbia women's Bugatrek Omni-Heat boot (or trail running shoe, depending on your point of view) could be a great piece of lightweight, waterproof footwear, designed for women with low-volume feet, but you'll want to try it in person due to a construction detail that might eat your feet.

But first, what's to like: the Bugatrek is sleek, lightweight at 27.4oz for a pair of size 6.5, and has a grippy sole with just the right amount of flex for serious terrain. Warmth is great, likely increased by the Omni-Heat technology, which is like a little space blanket for your feet. There's a nice strap lock on the heel for snowshoes, a serious toe bumper for things that go bump on the trail, and the lacing system is top notch with two lugs on top to cinch it all down.

The Bugatrek would be an easy boot/shoe to like, except for the top front corners where the two lace lugs on each side are mounted. Those corners are extremely stiff and not a little sharp, so on our SheFlogger they cut into the front of her shins just above the ankle. Even when we aggresively tried to break them in with repeated bending they still aggravated. It's too bad, because the boot otherwise rocks. If the tongue could be extended or the corners redesigned to be softer the Bugatrek would be a winner. It's possible it might not bother you, but be aware.

$74.99 (on sale from $99.95) at Altrec


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