Coleman HyperFlame Gladiator Stove

Gearflogger reviews the Coleman Hyperflame stove

With the arrival of the Littleflogger some years ago, camping became a heavier affair than it used to be, at least when the flock of four-year-olds are along. You do begin to appreciate the convenience of some of those heavier items, exhibit A being the Coleman HyperFlame two-burner stove.

As camp stoves go, the HyperFlame isn't grossly oversized, and in fact it travels quite well in back of a vehicle since it folds into its own handsome and sturdy case complete with a generously sized handle. Once flipped open, our first concern was the lack of windscreens on the sides, but this turned out to be a non-issue as the burner design protects the flame very well.

The dual 12,000btu burners fire up quickly with the built-in ignitor, and you can get a small pan of water boiling in just a few minutes, depending of course on altitude and temperature. The included griddles work well for pancakes, eggs and even bacon if you're careful with the grease.

The HyperFlame cleans up easily, always a bonus, and overall it is a really good stove. It could be a great one if they fixed just a couple of minor issues: there is a bit of a hot spot in the middle of the burners, and the temperature control is a bit finicky. Specifically it takes a bit of fiddling to get a good simmer going. At the end of the day though, it does a fine job and the build quality assures that it will be around long enough to see the Littlefloggers get to the ultralight camping phase themselves.

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