Coleman Exponent lantern

Exp_lantern_2When I think Coleman I think car camping, but they’re changing my mind with their Exponent line of gear. The line includes tents, sleeping bags, stoves and other products targeted at – gasp – climbers and their fast-and-light ilk. So if you’re feeling ilky check this out: a clever 5.2oz lantern that measures just over two inches on any given dimension when closed.

Pull on the cap and the lantern in a clear plastic housing slides out. The cap is fairly smooth and it can stick a bit if you haven’t opened it recently, so it helps to thread a fine cord through the corner holes on the cap to make a pull ring. The bulb is rated at 100 lumens and apparently is not user-replaceable. The battery compartment on the bottom holds three CR123A batteries, included, and there’s a little integrated ring so you can hang it from the included mini-carabiner.

The LED has a large, easy to operate switch and throws plenty of light on both high and low settings: 5 and 12 hours respectively as the low is not much lower. It also strobes for emergency use. On the plus side it’s compact, lightweight and rugged with a 5-year warranty. Offsetting this is the higher price and shorter battery life, especially compared with a headlamp, but for group lighting this may be your ticket.

$59.95 at REI



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