Coghlan’s Cooler Light

Coolerlight Coghlan is the caulking of the outdoor products universe, making small but useful items that fill in the cracks. The Coghlan Cooler Light is one of those items where you can easily visualize how it was invented:

Night falls. Man stumbles to cooler looking for beer. Man opens cooler. Man grabs bottle, pops it open and chugs. Man vomits 'cause he mistakenly grabbed his vegetarian girlfriend's fermented wheat grass instead of a cold PBR. If only the cooler had a light like a fridge!

Projectilosity is the mother of invention, and the Cooler Light is invented. Just stick it to the inside of the cooler lid using the attached sticky tab and it uses alien technology to sense when it rotates vertical. At that point a dim but usable LED light shines through the plastic wing and lets you safely identify cooler contents. It does work as advertised, although for the same price you can get one of those teeny LED keychain lights. Still, might be useful for kids and brain-impaired dirtbag climbers. Your call.

$11.95 at REI


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3 responses to “Coghlan’s Cooler Light”

  1. Hey Gearflogger. Great post.
    Didja know that The Cooler Light was invented by a mother-daughter-catcher-pitcher duo from Carleton Place Ontario, Canada? Yessireee. We too were tired of grabbing that fermented wheat grass, and rather than bitch about the fact that nobody had bothered to invent a solution, we did bother. It took a lot of guts, determination and sweat equity, but we got it to market, finally, with the help of Coghlans, our distributor. They have been awesome in their support. Working on product #2.

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