Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket

Gearflogger reviews the Coalatree Kachula Adventure BlanketAround Gearflogger HQ we know Coalatree for their fantastic do-everything Trailhead pants, but they have a much broader product lineup that includes shirts, shorts, jackets and various other stuffs. Among the stuffs is an interesting find, the Kachula Adventure Blanket, a multipurpose blanket that can do extra duty as a poncho, pillow or sleeping wrap. We checked out the Realtree version, because we have an eight-year-old boy who is obsessed with being invisible in the woods, but there are plenty of travel-inspired colors and patterns to choose from.

The Kachula has a patterned top side that is made of a brushed nylon flannel, and a bottom side that is black ripstop nylon. Both sides are treated with a durable water repellent finish, and they're both pretty durable, water and stain resistant, and soft on bare skin. The Kachula weighs in at two pounds with the included hood, and you can roll it, fold it or stuff it into its built-in pocket to convert to pillow mode. Pro tip: after you stuff the Kachula into its own pocket, fold the hood nice and flat and slip it in the side where your head will rest to avoid lines on your face in the morning!

There are snaps along the long side of the blanket, and just by snapping together two at sternum level and attaching the hood you have a serviceable poncho that covers you to the waist in front and below the knees in back. It's open in the front, but that's useful for working with your hand to prepare food and such, and if you sit you can gather the material in front of you for full coverage above the knees. The Kachula does not work as a tubular full-length sleeping bag, unless you're a very skinny child, but it does work to wrap yourself in or to cover a sleeping bag taco-style. The abundance of snaps allows multiple Kachulas to be connected if you want to roll out the flotilla at the concert or picnic.

Overall we found the Kachula to be a great-looking performance blanket for everyone from families to couples to solo travelers. The poncho configuration is truly useful because it's quick and easy to set up and provides good coverage. The materials and construction are high quality, durable – bring on the dog! – and easy to care for. If you're looking for a blanket that can adventure as hard as you do, check out the Kachula from Coalatree.

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