ClimbTech Ultra-Light Quickdraw

GearFlogger reviews the ClimbTech Ultra-Light Quickdraw

Dirtbag climbers live for the dream: a rope, a rack and the shirt on your back. Unfortunately that rack can cost more than your first car. Dirtbags everywhere can officially rejoice: a reasonably priced quickdraw has come to town, courtesy of Texas-based ClimbTech.

ClimbTech has a full assortment of quickdraw styles: a wire-wire, straight-bent keylocks, and straight keylock-wire, all sharing the same hotl-forged construction and five inch by 12mm Dyneema dogbone, rated at 23kN, with a rubber keeper on the rope biner. We absolutely adore the Ultra-Light all-wiregate model, weighing in at a svelte 2.7oz.

The wiregates minimize gate lash, the effect of shock-loading a draw where the gate can whip back and forth from open to closed position, raising the probability of the rope escaping the basket. Wiregates are a tad lighter too, and resist icing, which can be a registered bitch at altitude. The gate opening is generous, the rope bearing surface expansive, and at 25kN the Ultra-Light definitely has the beef. Clipping is a pleasure, and for some reason knowing you didn't get horked on the price just seems to make the rope go in a little bit smoother.

$12.95 a set at ClimbTech


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  1. The black and red climbtech anejo quickdraws are my all-time favorite quick draws! They’re super light, have a very sleek finish, and clip better than Petzl Spirits for half the price. Unlike Petzl, ClimbTech doesn’t have to pay to sponsor 200 athletes around the world, so their prices don’t have to offset marketing costs. Better product. Better deal. Everyone should buy them!

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