Climbing: Training for Peak Performance

TrainingpeakClyde Soles has written a number of excellent climbing books including another Mountaineers Outdoor Expert series title, Expedition Planning. The 2008 second edition of Climbing: Training for Peak Performance updates his 2002 effort with "30% more content." Sounds like a breakfast cereal ad, but have no fear, this is much more substantial.

TfPP bills itself as "a book for climbers with limited time, pre-existing injuries, or – you know – a life." The book covers a dizzying array of topics: nutrition, physical conditioning, mental preparation, flexibility, recovery and even specific routines for specific pursuits. A particularly helpful chapter is Climbing at Altitude, which includes quick hits on various supplements and drugs, worthwhile and not.

Evidently Clyde has nothing better to do than read through tons of reports and studies and synthesize them for our benefit. He does a good job of sticking with advice that is scientifically grounded and rarely if ever ventures onto evidence-scarce ground. He takes pains to point out common myths and misconceptions in sections with titles like "Diet Chicanery," "Dubious Supplements," and "Resistance Training Myths." There are even anatomical charts. Overall, TfPP is a valuable synthesis of state-of-the-art advice across all the important areas of athletic training related to climbing and other outdoor pursuits.

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