Climb High Titanium ice screw

Ti_screwIce screws are in my mind divided into two types: the kind you would trust your life to on steep or vertical ice, and the kind you use for lesser applications like anchoring a tent or leaving behind on an emergency rappel. This screw falls into latter category.

On the pro side, it’s cheap and light. On the con side, it doesn’t have any kind of speed handle, the threads are shallow and it just doesn’t bite or hold as well as it should.

The bottom line is that the pucker factor would be pretty high for me were I facing even a short whipper on this as my only pro. You saves your money and you takes your chances.

$13.50 at Mountain Gear


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One response to “Climb High Titanium ice screw”

  1. The material, titanium, is great. The design, on the other hand, could be much better. You are right, I wouldn’t trust this design either.

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