Clif Shot Recovery drink

ClifshotI’m all about recovery these days, so when I saw the new Clif Shot hot recovery drink mix in – hallelujah, please – chocolate flavor I grabbed it, ran home and used my roommates meth cooker to mix up a batch.

I was nervous because the name includes “Clif Shot” which is a separate product that tastes like crap. How do I know what crap tastes like? Long story. Anyway, this stuff tastes great, like a good hot chocolate mix. Made mostly from organic ingredients, presumably not including greasy grimy gopher guts, the recovery part is the six grams of protein plus electrolytes, etc.

It’s 140 calories of chocolate flavored hydration at the end of the day, and anything that serves up a little extra protein for muscle recovery is OK by me. Try mixing it up with soy milk for a little extra oomph. It would be nice if it was sold in bulk.

$1.70 at REI



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  1. I, for one, fully enjoy the non-commercial worship that permeates the air here at GearFlogger. Too often all we hear are the fluffy accolades of products that work, while never getting the benefit of finding out how someone was left stranded by a “gear” that didn’t pull its weight. All because someone’s a little afraid of a product producer or retailer.
    What we need are more honest writers to juice up our healthy competitive market with true competition.
    If a product works, say so. If doesn’t, then warn some folks about it. sends a hearty “Hats-off” to The Gear Flogger.

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