Clif Kidz Bars

Gearflogger reviews Clif Kidz Bars

You know how sometimes you steal your kids' food when they're not paying attention? You don't? Well, you must not have Clif Kidz bars sitting around. My three year old grabbed one of these at REI when I wasn't looking and popped it on me in the checkout line. I tried a bite before I gave it to him – yeah, in the car, sue me – and it tasted good enough that now I demand the daddy tax every time he gets one.

There are three flavors and they're all good: chocolate brownie, chocolate chip and iced oatmeal cookie. They're about 120 calories with 11 grams of sugar (out of 22g total carbs), 2g protein and 2g fiber. Made from organic ingredients with no high fructose corn syrup, they're not a fruit or vegetable but they're a great on the go occasional snack that your kid will reliably eat every time.

For the 99 percent of parents who aren't above a little bribery to get the little demons in line, Clif Kidz bars are the silver bullet. The icing on the cookie: Costco sells a variety pack, so go git some!

$1.00 a piece at REI



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