Clif Builder’s Bar

ClifbuildersNot just for the Bobs of the world, Clif bar lovers everywhere will rejoice now that they have a candy bar of their own. The Clif Builder’s energy bars are protein-heavy complements to the regular carbo-loaded Clif bars, for apres-goat rope rather than prior to.

They taste great, as they should with 20g of sugar – sorry, "organic brown rice syrup" – packed in. That’s actually only a couple grams more than a regular Clif bar; the real difference is the 20g of protein in the Builder’s v. ~12g in the regular. Oh, and only 6g of complex carbs v. 17g regular. Calories at about 270 are roughly equivalent.

Basically you’re paying extra for the protein and the candy-bar like taste, and the Builder’s bar definitely delivers there with great texture to boot. Caveat: I’ve only tried the chocolate because… well, it’s chocolate and I don’t have to explain why.

$1.95 at REI (20% discount by the box)



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