Chums SurfShorts Wallet

Gearflogger reviews the Chums Surfshorts walletWe do like us a minimalist… well, just about everything, but here we are talking about a wallet. We've never understood the whole fat wallet thing, especially when you see people jamming an inch-thick wad of stuff they never use into their back pocket and then sitting down on it with a resulting list. We are referring, of course, to Fat Wallet Syndrome, as described in the unquestioned source of medical knowledge, the International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences, 2018.

Normally we use a slim leather wallet, with a window for the driver license – that's driver, not drivers, no need to add pluralities where they are neither wanted nor needed – with bonus points for a thumbhole to slide it in and out. License and a credit card, with a slot for cash just in case, and we're done.

The only thing about leather is when you're out burning some calories, say cross-country skiing, and your leather goodness ends up looking and smelling like the wrong end of a bunghole. Actually unless something went terribly wrong there's only one end of a bunghole, and that's bunghole in the classic sense, like in a keg, not in the Urban Dictionary sense – it never smells that bad.

Anyway, we're into the fourth paragraph of a normally three-paragraph review, so to get to the point, the Chums Surfshorts wallet is great, and not just because you can wash the bungholio out of it. There are two sleeves including a windowed one behind one zipper for license and credit card, and one sleeve behind the other zipper for cash, coins, or whatever. And there is one more cool feature, an open sleeve with a key ring on a tether. This is super-cool, allowing you to quickly and securely get to your house key, and it gives you the option of clipping it to something if you're worried about losing it – say on pitch 16 of the Dawn Wall, when you're trying to prank Door Dash into bringing you a pizza to your portaledge.

BTW don't do that, not cool man. But the Chums Surfshorts is cool, definitely get one of those.

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