Category: Camping

  • MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

    MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

    On an extended backcountry trip, food takes on a special importance. Sure, you can subsist on dehydrated meals, energy bars, and Spam Singles, but you don’t have to. All you need is a little planning and a handy-dandy kitchen set, like the Alpine Deluxe from MSR. MSR knows backcountry cooking, from their category-defining stoves to their cookware selection. […]

  • Helinox Chair Zero

    A place to rest our buttocks, that is all we ask. Oh, and it has to be lightweight, packable and hold all the buttocks. With decent back support. You get the idea. The Helinox Chair Zero pretty much ticks all the boxes. It weighs in at a flat and feathery one pound, packs up into […]

  • Icemule Cooler Bag

    Just in time for the holidays, when you have to portage food and drink to and fro and to again, the Icemule cooler bag is an ultraconvenient way to facilitate the stuffing of said food and drink into our faces. We have to admit our first thoughts were, what will we use a cooler bag […]

  • ECOlunchbox

    Lunch is the best meal of the day, we don't care what the breakfast Nazis say. No one makes a breakfast box, or a dinner box. They make lunchboxes, dammit. And the ECOlunchbox is one of the best. When you're ready to take your lunch on the road, you want a lunchbox that's easy to […]

  • CGear Sand-Free Mat

    We first saw Australian company CGear's sand-free mat and thought it was a hoax, but after attempting to disprove its magical self-cleaning properties we have to admit that it actually works, and can work pretty well in certain conditions. CGear says the technology was developed to provide dust abatement for helipads, and as someone who […]

  • Rumpl Camo Puffy Blanket

    Sometimes it's the simple things in life, like a warm puffy blanket. For cabin time, concerts on the green, glamping or just kicking back at home it's nice to be able to go warm when you want to. Rumpl makes puffy blankets, and from the moment the 50×70 inch camo version came out of the […]

  • WindPouch Go Inflatable Hammock

    We are moving inevitably toward a future where everything is inflatable: kayaks, swimming pools, pet collars, husbands, wives, you name it. So why not camp furniture? We've been inflating sleeping pads for decades, maybe it's time to branch out? If that sounds like a good idea to you, we present for your consideration the WindPouch GO, a stout […]

  • GCI Outdoors Sunshade Eazy Chair

    I don't care who you are or how much yoga you do, at some point you will not want to sit in the dirt anymore. When that time comes, you will be faced with a bewildering array of outdoor seating choices, from balanced chairs to stools to rockers to inflatable couches. Many of these have […]

  • Jackson Kayak Orion Cooler

    Coolers have come into their own as serious gear over the past decade. Jackson Kayak is one of the more recent manufacturers, but they come into the field with a rich history of innovation and quality in the making of kayaks, and the transition works. The roto-molded polyethylene Orion coolers are visually striking and eminently […]

  • Orange Screw

    We see a lot of outdoor products around here, and one thing that is sure to cause an eye roll right out of the box is a pretentious and/or convoluted name, e.g. "LX5000 Ranger Pro XTreme Series Titanium Special Edition." OK, sure, after seeing it written out it sounds better and maybe we'd buy it […]