Carhartt 2 in 1 Fleece Hat

Gearflogger reviews the Carhartt 2 in 1 Fleece HatWhen we originally reviewed this at the beginning of 2020 – remember pre-pandemic days? – we filed the Carhartt 2 in 1 fleece hat under odd but useful. Fast forward to today, with winter coming on and the pandemic coming on even stronger, a hat with a face mask built in is not at all odd, it's just plain useful.

The 2 in 1 fleece hat is a standard dome hat with earflaps but wait! What is this hiding 'neath? Lo, it is… half a balaclava! Or a third of a balaclava, depending on whether you're using the European or American International Balaclava Classification Standard. The fleece hat part is nice but pretty standard. It's worth noting that Carhartt doesn't skimp on the ear flaps (looking at you, Mountain Hardwear!), and said flaps should cover even the dumbo-esque among us. But attached underneath, and permanently so, is a partial clava that can be pulled up above the nose or anywhere lower.

Oddly the hat and clava together do not cover the back of the neck, although since we generally wear a jacket with a hood that bunches up back there it was not a problem for us. It's not windproof – it would be a supercool upgrade if the headband part was made so – but overall it's an inexpensive and functional hat that adds a nice touch for the occasional cold snap. Winter bikers, skiers and shoulder season athletes take note.

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