Cardo Systems Scala Rider MultiSet Q2 helmet headset

GearFlogger reviews the Cardo Systems Scala Rider MultiSet Q2 helmet headset You're either SWAT or you're not. With the Cardo Systems Scala Rider MultiSet Q2 system you get the cool factor without having to get shot at, and you can make your riding safer to boot. With a little work it can be adapted to other hard helmets as well.

If you're recreating The Motorcycle Diaries and want the slickest way for two riders on one bike or two to communicate, the MultiSet Q2 is the ticket. The built-in FM radio is a little finicky, but everything else works like a champ: noise cancellation is great, battery life goes a full eight-hour day, and it pairs with Bluetooth devices like your phone (voice-controlled call reception/rejection baby!), music player and even GPS. Sound quality is wonderful across the board.

As a two-way full-duplex intercom it's good up to 500 yards away. The two units included in the MultiSet are already paired, so just install them (takes about 15 minutes including reading the instructions) and you're good to go. You can add other headsets if you need them. The fit is slim enough you won't notice it at all.

We had hoped to adapt it to climbing helmets, but it basically requires something more like what's pictured on the box to attach it correctly. It will work on some over-the-ear ski helmets. For a little extra freedom, comfort and safety on your motorcycle the Scala Rider rules. We can only hope they come out with a lighter-duty version for bicycle and climbing helmets some day.

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