Camillus Les Stroud SK Survival Hatchet

Gearflogger reviews the Camillus Les Stroud SK Vigor survival hatchet

There is just something about carrying a hatchet that makes you feel like a survivor, so it's fitting that Survivorman Les Stroud has a signature line of survival tools that includes the SK hatchet. A hatchet is not like a knife or any other common gear; a hatchet says, "I am either an effing tool or I am very serious about surviving." Let's assume we're the latter.

The Les Stroud SK hatchet makes one major tradeoff: it's lightweight, tipping the scales at just two pounds even. The lightness and the thin profile make it great for packing and carrying, but the catch is that it is much less efficient for splitting wood and other impact-driven survival tasks. We tend to figure that the best tool for any purpose is the one you have on you when you need it, and the packability of the SK really shines there.

Once you realize that, you can make your own decision about whether the SK is the tool for you. It comes with a lot of useful features; handle is ergonomic and very comfortable, so even though you'll have to swing it a lot more than a heavier model, your hand won't suffer unduly from the extra work. The broad blade arc is excellent for limbing trees and clearing brush and vegetation, and the chisel and hammer work well too.

The case is likewise intelligently designed, with a two-snap closure that opens wide for insertion and removal, and a webbing loop for two inch belts. As a final incentive the SK includes a firestarter that requires a bit of effort but will work in a pinch. If you're looking for a lightweight hatchet that won't let you down when the balloon goes up, check out the SK.

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