Bushnell Onix 200CR GPS

Onix200crI am beginning to hate technology of any sort, and the Bushnell Onix 200CR GPS unit has only thrown gas on that fire. The promise was seductive: all the normal GPS bells and whistles plus it’s waterproof, has a color screen and – drum roll please – it can display satellite imagery as well as traditional topos.

Enter the harsh reality, beginning with the fact that you have to use maps and imagery downloaded for $1 a pop from Bushnell’s horrific web site, a process clearly designed to break the will of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. I never did get it to work right even when I finally managed to download maps and images. The documentation is poorly written and incomplete, and technical support is frustrating at best. Usability is below average, and that’s being charitable.

What’s to like? The unit acquires satellites quickly and… um… well, that’s about it. Thinking it might just be me with a bad case of the stupids, I had a guy who teaches GPS to rescue personnel take it out for a spin. His bottom line: the best thing about the Onix 200CR is that it fits comfortably in the hand, so when you inevitably become enraged with it you can easily chuck it a fair distance.

$299.95 at REI


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