Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier

Gearflogger reviews the Bowtie ski and pole carrier

It's pain to wrangle skis and poles, whether it's from the corner of the garage into your car or from your car up to the lift or really anywhere else. There are a number of solutions to ski portage, but a simple strap has a lot of advantages and the Bowtie wraps it all up – pun intended – in a great little package, affordably priced.

The Bowtie has two velcro straps at either end of a longer nylon adjustable carry strap. Just wrap the smaller straps around your skis and poles on either side of your bindings, adjust the carry strap – shorter for hand carry, longer to sling over your shoulder or across your back – and you're good to go.

The basic version works just fine for even fat skis, although if you've got something obscenely fat – Fischer Ranger we're lookin' at you – Bowtie makes a fat version, which is oddly hard to find. We can vouch that the normal version fits our Nordica Enforcer 93's and poles with some room to spare.

In use the Bowtie is great. It goes on and off quickly, carries everything from adult and kids downhill skis to cross country gear, can be used for bundles of poles or wands, and can be easily stored in a coat pocket while you're skiing. We really appreciated being able to load and unload three sets of skis in a rooftop box when each set is in its own Bowtie. Schlepping them to the lift would have been impossible for one person if they were loose, but easy-peasy when you can sling one over your back and carry another in each hand. Great product, very useful.

$14.95 on Amazon


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