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Gearflogger reviews BOLT locksOne of the best things about Jeep Wranglers is the amazing amount of things you can bolt on. There are multiple 300 page catalogs just for Wrangler accessories, giving you the ultimate flexibility in customizing your Jeep for whatever you want to use it for. The only downside: the anxiety of parking at a remote trailhead with all that cool and useful stuff in plain view.

BOLT Locks are a particularly awesome solution. BOLT locks are made by Strattec, the largest maker of automobile locks in the world, and they all have one simple feature: you use your normal ignition key to lock and unlock them. The first time you use a BOLT lock it sets the lock to your key and your key only. It's that simple, and it just plain works. No more filling up your center console with spare keys, or worse, getting somewhere and realizing you forget the one key you need to get your bike off the rack.

We've been using the BOLT Hood Lock (not pictured because, hey, it's pretty boring to look at) on our 2012 JKU for a couple years now, and it has never had a hiccup. Since Jeep Wrangler hoods from the factory aren't locked being able to add this simple feature means no worrying about your expensive deep-cycle battery walking away. Speaking of which, all BOLT locks are very weather resistant and have features to defeat attempts to pick or bump them.

Another fantastic BOLT product – and really, they're all fantastic – is the J-Mount for Hi-Lift Jacks (left side of picture above). It's available for both driver and passenger sides, and attaches using the existing bolts just ahead of the door, assuming you don't have a snorkel or some other accessory (some light bar mounts, for example) using those bolts. For when you're wheeling it's hard to beat being able to just jump out and dismount the Hi-Lift in 30 seconds or so. The J-Mount keeps the jack out of the muck, just get a neoprene bootie to keep it clean and you're good to go.

Other BOLT products that we're using and loving are the 5/8" Receiver Lock (lower right in picture) – no more second key! – and the six foot Cable Lock, perfect for bikes, gas cans, kayaks and anything else on your external racks. For performance, security and just plain convenience BOLT Locks have earned their universal great reviews. Highly recommended.

J-Mount $125.32 at Amazon
Hood Lock $55.50 at Amazon
5/8 Receiver Lock $31.49 at Amazon
Six Foot Cable Lock $38.99 at Amazon



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